Usual monthly price is £9.99 or £2.99 for NHS and key workers. You can cancel at any time easily from your dashboard.



Access all of our previous challenges, such as Overcoming Overwhelm and take part in future themed challenges! Plus, access mini courses in everything from nutrition to goal-setting.


Gain instant access to 100s of pre-recorded classes in yoga, Pilates, breath work, meditation, mindfulness, mindset dance, EFT, CBT, and other therapies. Plus, weekly live classes, regular Live Q&As, and so much more.


Stuck for what to have for dinner? Find cooking stressful? We have 100s of recipes that are delicious and nutritious. Filter for something super quick you can rustle up in no time, or opt for vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free.


Sign in to your dashboard every day to find the lesson of the day, check out if there are any Live classes, see your favourites and what's in progress. We gently guide you through the Five Foundations of Wellness Monday-Friday to help you on your well-being journey.

Meet the Experts

The Five Foundations of Wellness

Combining the old research (Maslow 1943, 1954) with the new (New Economics Foundation 2011), we have created our very own evidence-based Five Foundations of Wellness. These five foundations drive everything we do at The Anti-Burnout Club; from the experts we collaborate with through to our daily lessons.

Below you can find out more about our Five Foundations of Wellness and how we cover each at The ABC.

What People Are Saying...


What is The Anti-Burnout Club?

The ABC is a wellness platform for those sick of hustle mentality. Our approach to wellness is founded in science and offers compassionate, intuitive, expert-led practices that teach people how to reclaim their sense of wellbeing and happiness. We believe that everyone can learn to thrive with the right tools and a supportive community.

I have a coupon code! How do I use it?

You can use your coupon code when entering your payment details on the site and it should automatically update.

What happens after my free month?

Your subscription will automatically renew at £9.99 a month, but you can cancel any time (even during the free month) and still have access throughout the trial period. We make it easy to cancel from your profile page - no jumping through hoops here!

How do I access the key worker offer?

Key workers are eligible for our discounted rate of £2.99 a month - you can see more details about this here. Before your free trial ends, please email with the subject 'Key worker offer' for us to put you on the £2.99 plan.

Am I locked into a subscription?

The Anti-Burnout Club is on a rolling monthly subscription and so you can cancel at any time! We have made it super simple with no hoops to jump through - just head to your profile on the site and cancel from there.

Where can I read your reviews?

You can see the lovely reviews from just some of our members on TrustPilot - we also share testimonials on our Instagram and Facebook pages too.

What if I have more questions?

You can contact and our wonderful Customer and Community Support Stars will get back to you ASAP! You can also check out the rest of our FAQs here.